About Us

Far from just farming and trade, livestock play an important role in building relationships with animals and people across regions, borders and cultures.

We are  proud to play a small role in bringing these animals, people and relationships together to share value and knowledge both up, and down, the supply chain.

Who We Are

Jim Teasdale – Managing Director

Jim has over 20 years experience in a range of livestock production, processing, export and finance businesses throughout Australia. He lives with and his family live in Geelong, Victoria, but sources and supplies livestock from all parts of Australia.

Jim is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Bachelor of Business in Agricultural Management from Marcus Oldham College.

Jim is the Chair of the South Eastern Australian Livestock Exporters Association(SEALEA) and a Director of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council(ALEC).

Our Products & Services

Air Freight

Through our relationships with airlines and freight forwarders we have the means to provide fast and safe delivery of Australian livestock to ports all over the world. We have experience delivering export consignments ranging from 2 stud bulls to South East Asia, right up to full wide body plane loads of alpacas or sheep and goats to China or Eastern Europe. We take care of everything from selection and purchase of livestock, pre-export testing and quarantine, export documentation and transport to the destination airport. We can also arrange post arrival technical production support.

Sourcing Livestock

We take great pride in selecting and preparing all stock to not only ensure a safe and successful journey, but to perform for our valued customers long after delivery – whether that be to a feedlot in Australia or an export customer many thousands of kilometres away.

Key to our success are the invaluable relationships with producers, livestock agents and other stakeholders throughout our supply networks ensuring access to a range of livestock to meet our customers’ needs and budget.

In addition we have an unwavering focus on animal health and welfare including regular consultation with veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure optimum health and performance.

Procurement & Preparation

Following careful selection of livestock, we customise our approach to preparation – always reviewing and refining strict quality assurance procedures to ensure livestock are prepared, not only in accordance with the regulatory and animal welfare requirements of the Exporting and Importing Country governments, but also to ensure safe and comfortable transport and optimal performance of the animals for our customers production systems. 

All animals are identified by individual electronic tag linked to a database to record property of origin, breed, weight gains, health and welfare data, and other relevant details as required. This data is used to track performance of individual lines of livestock and subsequently used to provide feedback and inform future procurement strategies. 

Sea Freight

For larger consignments we have access to charter a range of purpose-built (Australian Certificate for Carriage of Livestock (ACCL) accredited livestock vessels.

On board, all our livestock are overseen by hand picked and highly experienced stock people and/or veterinarians to ensure they receive world’s best practice care, using low stress handling methods while in transit until the last animal is unloaded.

Logistics & Delivery

We personally oversee the loading and delivery of livestock in optimum condition to meet the requirements of our customers. As an industry leader in delivery of high quality livestock, we can also provide technical support and guidance to optimise animal health, welfare and performance.

Our experience and networks enable us to efficiently assemble quality livestock for orders that may vary in size from a little as a few head of breeding goats, up to several thousand feeder or slaughter cattle at any one time. Our experience includes breeding, fattening and feeding livestock across a range of management systems and locations. We are passionate about delivering a quality product that adjusts well and positively contributes to our customers objectives through thorough preparation and a focus on our customers and the health and welfare of your animals.

Some of the markets we have experience supplying include(but are not limited to): Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Israel, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, Malaysia, Korea and New Zealand.

To find out more, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We will respond as soon as we can.