Australian Merino Sheep

Australian Merinos are robust and highly adaptable animals prized for the high quality wool production and large lean carcass. There are several defined types or strains in Australia ranging from very fine to strong wooled sheep which is largely a result of breeding for different regions and climates. Being favoured in different locations based on climate and production systems.

They can be either polled (no horns) or horned. The polled version has no horns or very small scurs. The horned variety has long spiral horns growing close to the head. They need to be shorn annually.

Some examples of typical Australian traditional, and poll(no horns) Merino sheep can be found in the images below.

We can supply purebred and crossbred Merino sheep to meet your breeding, feeding and/or slaughter and business objectives and budget. Follow the link below to get in touch and find out more.

Photo Gallery