Feeder & Slaughter Cattle

We can supply a range of breed and spec beef cattle suitable for feeding and slaughter in the destination country. Typical breeds include Brahman, Droughtmaster, Wagyu, Shorthorn, Angus, Senepol, Charolais, Limousin and crosses of these breeds.

We have strict requirements about how all stock we supply are kept, treated and slaughtered. These rules are also formally enforced and regulated by the Australian Government. For all feeding a slaughter supply chains it is mandatory that all farms, depots, feedlots, lairages and abattoirs are audited and verified to meet minimum world OIE standards. We must also be sure that all staff and managers are suitably experienced and equipped to maintain animal health and welfare at all times through the supply chain.

In addition, each animal is individually tagged and identified and must be recorded through the approved supply chain all the way to slaughter. Any breaches of facilities, activities or animals leaving the approved supply chain may result in the facility or supply being suspended.

Some examples of typical Australian commercial feeder and slaughter cattle can be found in the images below.

We can supply stock to suit your weight, age, specification and budget. Follow the link below to get in touch and find out more.

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