Australian Sheep

Merino Sheep

Australia has a long history of producing merino sheep that are hardy and adaptable with the benefit of not only producing lambs and carcasses, but also the added cashflow benefit of a wool crop.

Suffolk Sheep

Australian Suffolk Sheep are a very hardy and fertile explaining why they have long been highly valued as an excellent cross with other breeds to produce prime lambs.

Poll Dorset Sheep

Poll Dorsets are a short wool meat sheep - valued for their high growth rates, ease of management and excellent carcasses. Poll Dorsets are extremely fertile, very adaptable, and make excellent mothers.

Dorper & White Dorper Sheep

We specialise in the supply of Dorper and White Dorper sheep - a low maintenance meat sheep, adapted to vast range of conditions. 80 years of breeding records and measurement have ensured performance and predictability to enhance the long-term profitability of the Australian sheep flock.

Awassi Sheep

Awassi is an extremely hardy breed, with a very calm temperament, used for a range of products to include milk, meat and wool. They originate from the Syro-Arabian desert and larger numbers were bred up in Australia in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, however, changes in Australian market and reduction in livestock export have seen their numbers dwindle. They are now very rare in Australia.

Corriedale Sheep

The modern Australian Corriedale is a large framed, plain bodied, polled sheep, capable of producing heavy carcases of lamb, hogget or mutton. Ideal for export and domestic markets, Corriedales produce heavy cutting bright fleeces, with good style, length and handle. Mean fibre diameter ranges from 25 to 30 microns in adult sheep to the low 20's in lambs and hoggets.

Australian White Sheep

The Australian White is a stabilised composite breed made up of certain proportions of White Dorper, Van Rooy, Poll Dorset and Texel blood. Like Dorpers, they also shed their fibre so do not need to be shorn. They have exceptional fertilitiy and growth rates.

Damara Sheep

Registered and commercial Damara breeding sheep available.

Australian Goats

Saanen Goats

Saanen does are typically long lactating and high producing dairy goats with very placid and docile placid temperaments. These traits contribute to the popularity and success of the breed in Australian commercial dairies, with the Saanen the most common goat breed in Australia

Anglo Nubian Goats

Anglo Nubians originate from hot climate regions, making them very hardy and so they have thrived in the Australian climate. They are recognised as having a high butterfat percentage(>4%) and better fleshing qualities than the traditional Swiss breeds.

Boer Goats

With Australia producing over 50% of world goat meat exports the number and quality of Boer goats in Australia continues to rise. Australian Boer goats are a highly versatile breed and have been selected to thrive in a range of conditions and production systems

Red Boer / Kalahari Red Goats

Red Boer goats display and are selected on the same characteristics of the standard(red and white) boer. Kalahari Red goats are similar to Boer goats although recognised as own breed known to be very hardy and produce very tender meat.

Black Boer / Kalahari Goats

Black Boer and Black Kalahari goats originate from their more recognised breeds and share all those production characteristics, but with the black hair that is preferred by some markets.

Miniature, Pygmy & Dwarf Goats

Australian Miniature, Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats are all available and we have shipped to several countries.

Toggenburg Goats

Australian Toggenburgs are known for consistently good udders and persistent milk production over an extended period of time. Fat yield is typically 3-4%. They are very hardy and low maintenance animals, although are most suited to cooler climates.

British Alpine Goats

The British Alpine is recognised as strong and very active, making them suitable to free range production systems. They are valued for their high quality milk with better than average butterfat and solids-not-fat, good winter milking and extended lactation periods.

Rangeland Goats

Rangeland(sometimes called "feral") goats are suitable and low cost, high quality feeder and slaughter animals delivered by air freight.

Australian Cattle

Wagyu Cattle & Genetics

Australia is home to the largest number of wagyu and wagyu cross cattle outside of Japan. We can supply proven feeder and registered breeding animals to suit domestic and export customer production and breeding objectives. We currently have a limited volume of World K's Michifuku 0164 Wagyu semen suitable for domestic Australian use available for sale. Contact us for more info.

Holstein Friesian Cattle

Holstein cattle make up about 70 per cent of Australia’s dairy herd. The breed is renowned for its adaptability to a wide range of environmental conditions and Holsteins are found throughout Australia. Industry data shows milk recorded Holstein cattle produce an average of 7,544 litres of milk, 290 kg fat (3.83%) and 246 kg (3.27%) protein. The overwhelming majority of Holstein cows have been artificially bred using genetics sourced from Australia and throughout the world.

Jersey Cattle

Jersey cattle are generally characterised as being a hardy, small breed with high protein and butterfat percentage and medium milk yield. They are typically a light cream to dark brown in colour.

Limousin Cattle

The Limousin is a European originated breed known for their hardiness, calving ease and quality carcasses.

Black and Red Angus Cattle

Angus cattle are one of the most popular breeds in Australia due to their fertility, growth(in both grass and grain fed production systems) and quality consistent carcass characteristics. They are valued for their ability to grow and finish at an earlier age without getting over fat, but producing high quality beef.

Brahman Cattle

Brahmans are characterised by a hump above the shoulders and a pronounced dewlap. The coat is short and can be light to dark grey, various shades of red, or black. Some of the production qualities of Brahmans are their insect resistance(particularly ticks), hardiness, good mothering, docile intelligent nature and lean beef from carcasses

Charolais Cattle

Charolais have demonstrated growth ability, efficient feedlot gains and in carcass cut-out values. With excellent meat conformation, especially of the valuable parts and relative late maturity they are well suited to fattening for high finished weight. They are well suited to all purpose cross breeding.

Highland Cattle

It is well known that Highland cattle have an excellent temperament and they look great which means they are often favoured by small hobby farms almost like a pet. It's hard not to fall in love with these shaggy creatures!!

Droughtmaster Cattle

With the toughness and parasite resistance of a brahman but the softness, fertility and carcass traits coming from the shorthorn that make up this versatile breed, Droughtmasters are the ideal all-round cattle and thrive in many environments and in both grass and grain fed finishing systems.

Simmental Cattle

Simmentals are well-muscled animals, being long and deep-bodied with strong bone. They have good temperament and high milk production. Simmental carcases are significantly heavier and leaner than other European breeds, with little waste, and they give a higher yield of saleable meat. They are ideal for crossbreeding.

Riverine Dairy Buffalo

Australian Riverine Buffalo trace their origins back to Italy. They are prized for their milk and its characteristics making the perfect mozzarella cheese.

Feeder & Slaughter Cattle

We have extensive experience in sourcing and feeding feeder and slaughter cattle for a number of domestic and export markets.

Other Animals


Australia is renown for its high quality Alpaca herd and exceptional health status by world standards. Let us know your requirements and specifications and we source and supply the right animals for you.


We can supply a range of donkeys including Australian teamster donkeys and miniature donkeys with varying maturity and levels of handling.

Other Species and Breeds?

Can't find what you are looking for here? We can also supply other species and breeds that may not be listed here. Just click on the link below and let us know what you are looking for.