Our Why

Healthy, happy livestock are good for the soul.

While the nature of our business and our customers means we truly are a global company, we are, and always will be a local family owned business. As such we foster and rely on trusting relationships, strong values and an unwavering commitment to animal health, welfare and performance.

We’re stock people at heart. We firmly believe that well cared for, contented livestock are not only good for business, they’re good for the soul! We take pride in seeing well prepared cattle, with bright eyes and clean coats, calmly sitting down chewing their cud. Our bellies are filled with humble satisfaction from their subtle looks of appreciation when we clean a water trough, fill a feed bunk, remove a grass seed from an eye, or treat an injury. This sentiment is living and encouraged every day in every link of our supply chain – on our suppliers farms, in our feed yards, and on livestock ships.

Our goal from this approach is to contribute to the sustainable and ongoing success of our suppliers, our customers and their communities.

What About Our Name?

Where did the name "Ausidore" come from?

When deciding on a name for our business, we wanted something that was simple and reflected who we are, what we do and aligned with our values and heritage.

The nameAusidore is derived from the patron saint of farmers – Isidore the Farmer. Isidore was a farmer and labourer who cared deeply about the proper treatment of animals, and was generous to those around him even when he had little to give.

We don’t claim to be saints, but St. Isidore’s values align closely with ours, and guide us in the way we care for our livestock and interact with our customers, suppliers and the broader community each and every day.